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Watch Toy Story 4 Full movie: No doubt Disney has been very active and successful this year “Toy Story 4”. You just have to see how good it has been with releases like Avengers: Endgame and Aladdin. Both productions have become a worldwide sensation that has been reflected in a juicy box office. It seems that the thing will not change soon, it seems that the imminent arrival of Toy Story 4 is projected as a victory.


Analysts came to this conclusion after verifying how well the pre-sale film did. The feature film that will be released between June 20 and 21 in several countries already enjoys the affection of the public that expects a great return on screen of the most beloved animated films. According to Deadline, pages like Fandango or Atom Tickets are already reporting that Toy Story pre-sales are going very well. In fact, since last Tuesday, the toys could surpass what The Incredibles 2 achieved on their first day of presale.

But how much could this translate into ticket sales? Analysts believe that this may mean a launch of 200 million dollars in North America. The Incredibles 2, which has the best release in the US and Canada for an animated film, raised 182.6 million in its first days. On a global level, the sum amounted to USD 235.8 million.

The Incredibles 2 is also the animated film of greater total collection in the US and Canada with 608.5 million. Meanwhile, globally lags behind the great success of Frozen, which achieved 1,240 million.

Fandango ensures that the pre-sale Toy Story 4 in its first 24 hours beat other productions such as Finding Dory and even live-action movies such as Beauty and the Beast and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. On the other hand, Atom Tickets beats Los Incredibles 2, Ralph Rompe Internet and Hotel Transylvania 3 altogether.

Just a month before its expected release, Toy Story 4 launched its official trailer and is causing a stir on social networks. In the preview, the toys accompany Bonnie during a road trip, however, Forky (the new toy in the plot and made with a plastic spoon fork) does not feel part of the group and escapes.

Just after the escape from Forky, the new adventure begins for Woody, because he is determined to convince him to return and to make his new mistress happy. Remember that it was little Boonie who was in charge of the toy gang after Andy grew up and went to college.

In the final trailer also include the Bunn and Ducky plushies, who apparently will play a very important role and become the right hand of Buzz Lightyear throughout the film directed by Josah Cooley.

In its original language the film has the voices of Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, Jordan Peele, Tony Hale and Keanu Reeves, among others. It has planned its premiere on June 21 of this year.

“Toy Story 4” opens in June and Disney continues to promote the long awaited film. Now, the company has shared five new official posters where it shows the protagonists in a tender meeting.

Through the Instagram account of “Toy Story”, Disney revealed the new promotional graphics that have as protagonists the toys of the remembered Andy.

Also, these images also present the new toys that will be part of the film as ‘Forky’, Ducky, Bunny, Duke Kaboom, among others.

“Take a look at these new posters inspired by ‘Toy Story 4.’ The toys will be back in theaters on June 21,” is the legend that accompanies the publication.

In just one hour since its publication, the new promotional graphics of the film already have more than 14,993 ‘Like’ and thousands of comments that ensure the film will be a success.

Recall that on May 28, Disney published a new trailer, which comes after the one that Funko revealed with the version of collectible dolls.